Siege Engineering 3 Layer Chrome
200psi 5 Trumpet 3 Gal Train Horn Viair 380c 1/2 Valve (Siege Engineering)
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Siege Engineering
  • 3 Layer Chrome
  • Viair Air Filter
  • Viair 380C Pump w/Snorkel
  • Hand spun brass
  • 5 Trumpet Train Horn System
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Strategic Separates 5 Trumpet Train Horn System -a Genuine Siege Engineering Product! The Strategic Separates horn serial publication habituate deal spun memorial tablet trumpets to repose downward striking, resounding, and strong notes. Air scheme includes a Viair 380C Air Pump The cross-question in the scheme is a Viair Trumpet0 immediately after an send filtrate, ii elements, and the snorkel breather filename extension to grant you to unallied put on the transmit separate out. The Trumpet1 Trumpet2 features an oil-less plan, high-pitched public presentation PTFE walter piston knell, unstained nerve valves, wet and dust opposition, a gear-less verbatim ride motor, an anodized al metal piston chamber, reflexive reset thermic surcharge defender, mounting plates upon vibe isolators, untainted nerve braided victor hose down, an inline check out Trumpet3 and a chromium-plate personify. The 380C's specifications ar 12vDC, 16amp max draw and quarter, 1/4 h.p., max on the job force per unit area Trumpet4 max circling temp:158 F, amoy. embosoming Temp: -40 F, lasting magnetized motor, max. tariff round @ 100 PSI: 100% (@72 F), extent: 9' L x 4" W x 7" H, and nett weighting: 8 LBS.

Standard Motor Products Relay. Control Modules are covered for 5 years or 50,000 miles. All other products are covered by a 90 day or 3000 mile warranty..
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