How To Find A Car Owner By Number Plate?

How To Find A Car Owner By Number Plate?

How To Find A Car Owner By Number Plate?

Open the DMV website for your State and click the “Plate Inquiry” or “Request for Record Information” option to obtain this information. Step 2: Type the number plate number. Enter the number plate number in the search bar, and you will shortly receive information related to the plate number.

What information can a license plate give?

When you run an online license plate search, you can get the information related to the vehicle:

  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle accidents records
  • Recalls and warranties
  • Market value
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Indicators of potential auto fraud and theft

Can You Find a Vehicle Owner by License Plate?

It’s possible to find a vehicle’s owner by their license plate. However, it may be more challenging than you think if you don’t have a good reason to access the information. Law enforcement will assist you with getting the info if you’re involved in a hit-and-run accident and file a police report. Seeing a picture or video of someone’s car and wanting to track them down isn’t reason enough to get you access to the information. It may get you a restraining order instead.

Reasons to Lookup Vehicle Owner by Number Plate

You might need to look up a vehicle’s owner by the plate number for a few logical reasons. Let’s take a look!


How To Find A Car Owner By Number Plate?

Hit and Run Accidents

A hit-and-run accident occurs more than once every minute, did you know? If you’re in a hit-and-run accident, you could be fortunate enough to see the other driver’s license plates. Having the number plate number can make it easier to get your car fixed. Law authorities will handle the situation if you can obtain the number plate number. They’ll probably use the plate information to find the second party involved in the incident. Since the communication might be sent directly to your insurance provider, you might never receive any of it.

Strange Behavior

Knowing someone’s number plate number can help you find them if they are acting strangely. Getting the number plate number of the car can assist you in determining who is driving it, whether they are speeding past your house or disobeying stop signs.

Buying a Used Car

It takes a lot of trust to buy a secondhand automobile, but knowing the number plate number might help you ensure you’re getting it from the owner. You don’t want to learn that the seller of the vehicle is not the owner. 

How to Find a Vehicle Owner?

If you need to find a vehicle owner, there are a few ways to accomplish this. Let’s take a look and see which might be your best option.

Use Online Databases

You can find information that is openly available by using web databases. Many of these resources are expensive and offer little assurance of success. You might strike it lucky with one of these resources, but the outcomes could be unpredictable. 

Head to the DMV

The DMV will assist you if you have a reasonable basis for needing access to the data. They’ll be ready to help you but won’t work for anything. You must sign various documents attesting to your innocence and pay whatever fees they impose. If the license plates are from another state, things become more complicated. You should contact the DMV in another state. Additionally, you might need to apply online or mail in your documents. 

Contact the Authorities

You can contact the local authorities if a law has been breached or there is a public safety problem. They could provide information to help resolve the matter. They have more tools to support you in locating the vehicle’s owner and in court. The police may not provide you with the information directly, but they may make sure the right people receive it.

How To Find A Name & Address Using A License Plate Number?

If you see someone driving carelessly while you’re out driving, or if you get into a hit-and-run accident, you might wish to use their number plate number to locate their name and address. Nevertheless, if you are in an accident, call the police right once so they can look into the scene. You’ll need to know the vehicle’s number plate number and the State where the number plate was issued to conduct a number plate search. The kind of information you can discover about a motorist when searching will vary depending on the rules of each State.

Contacting your State’s DMV will help you start your search for someone’s name and address. If this information is made public, they will let you know. Additionally, if the option is available, you can visit the DMV website for your region and enter the number plate number. You can seek records by calling the DMV in some circumstances.

Preparing A Formal Request

You should submit a formal request to get this kind of data. Every State is unique. These forms are accessible in some states via local government websites. On the DMV website in other states, you can locate them. The request may incur a cost.

Paid Or Free Services

You can discover database information on almost any topic on the internet. The issue of driving records is one of those areas. Websites allow you to look up driving records based on the number plate or vehicle identification number (VIN). You can enter the State and number to get an updated report when using these websites with the number plate feature.

If you pay a small price, the website will also provide you with information regarding traffic tickets, registration details, a car history report, accident reports, and the name of the vehicle owner. If you choose to utilize one of these websites, read the fine print. They might ask you to subscribe to something. Make sure you comprehend the terms and conditions before signing anything.

Promises Of Free Information

It’s possible to find several ads that promise free information if you simply type the number plate number into a well-known search engine’s search bar. If these services don’t disclose their costs, be on the lookout. They may have outdated information.

5 Secrets About License Plates

  • Car ownership: The owner of a car can be identified by their license plate, which can reveal information about their home address, contact information, and other personal particulars.
  • Vehicle History: A vehicle’s history, including any collisions or traffic infractions it may have been a part of, may be tracked using the license plate.
  • Law enforcement tracking: For several objectives, including recovering stolen vehicles, tracing suspects in criminal investigations, and monitoring traffic for safety, law enforcement agencies may utilize number plate recognition technology to track cars and people.
  • Tracking toll roads: Some have electronic toll collection systems that automatically bill tolls to a driver’s account using license plate recognition technology. Although this may be a practical method of paying tolls, it also raises the possibility that your vehicle’s location and travel patterns may be tracked and recorded.
  • Advertising and marketing: Some businesses may use license plate data for advertising and marketing. For instance, a company could monitor the license plates of passing cars to assess the success of their billboard advertising.

Top Best Free Sites to Check or Search The Car Owner by License Plate Number in the USA

There are online databases that will assist you with locating publicly available information. But free lookups usually can’t give accurate information; some may get your personal information to send you harassing emails or messages.

2. Check the Car License Plate on for a Free

For checking a car’s history using its number plate or vehicle identification number (VIN) in the United States, use BeenVerified. To start a basic search, you only need to know the Year, Make, and Model. Because the search engine is supported by billions of data sources from governments and the general public, it will provide a thorough and accurate report.

To check a number plate, use the BeenVerified website: Click BeenVerified Vehicle Search. Type the number plate number, choose the State, and press SEARCH. You will have to wait a while BeenVerified searches its database of millions of vehicle records and produces a report for the car on your behalf.

2. Check The Car License Plate on for Free

You may look up a vehicle by its license plate in the US using Examining the bumper reveals information regarding a vehicle’s salvage, theft, and accident histories. It’s an excellent tool for side-by-side comparisons of two identical cars. With the help of their cost information and 150+ data points on vehicle characteristics and recalls, you can make a better-informed decision.

Click Bumper, Inc.

Select the State and enter the Licence Plate after clicking SEARCH BY LICENCE PLATE. Select SEARCH. Bumper will conduct a database search and provide a report with the necessary information.

3. Seach The Vehicle License Plate on

Enter the VIN or number plate number and State at to find information on a car, truck, or motorcycle. A search based on the number plate and State is a fantastic option if the vehicle identification number (VIN) is obscured, challenging to read, or missing from the subject car.

Please fill out the fields for the state and license plate number. The records will be delivered back on that platter once the data has been entered. Some searches may return several results. This indicates that the owner has switched out the license plates on their numerous automobiles. So let’s imagine you recently converted from a Toyota sedan to a Honda SUV while keeping the same license plate. You purchased the Toyota sedan five years ago. One license plate will be used by both vehicles.


How do number plates work in the USA?

License plate numbers are usually assigned in ascending order, beginning with a starting point such as AAA-001. Thus, an observer familiar with the sequence can determine roughly when the plate was issued. In a few cases, numbers have been assigned in descending order.

Can you find out who owns a car by license plate in Canada?

If you know the plate number of a vehicle, you can find out the owner’s name and, in most cases, the owner’s driver’s license number. You can find the driver’s driving history once you know the driver’s license number.

What is the most expensive number plate in the USA?

The Guinness World Records recognizes the “1” plate from 2008 as the most expensive one ever sold at auction, which cost $14.2 million. In 2021, someone paid $24.5 million for the California license plate “MM,” including a non-fungible token to please the crypto supporters.

Why do some cars in America not have number plates?

Answer: It is a typical pattern among many sports and luxury vehicle owners to refrain from displaying a front license plate. According to an experienced engineer, these vehicle owners avoid showing a front license plate due to its appearance and the low probability that they’d even be pulled over because of it.



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