How To Fix Broken Car Key Loop?

How To Fix Broken Car Key Loop?

How To Fix Broken Car Key Loop?

Fix a Broken Car Key

  1. Step 1: Drill a Hole in Your Key. Make use of a drill bit that is the exact dimensions as a finishing nail (which you’ll need during the subsequent step).
  2. Step 2: Trim a Finishing Nail to the Correct Length. …
  3. Step 3: Put a Dab of Glue on Each Hole. …
  4. Step 4: Put the Nail in the Hole. …
  5. Step 5: Re-unite Your Cute Little Key Family.

How To Fix A Broken Car Key?

If the car key is split into two pieces, then you might be in a bind. You may need to call a tow vehicle, and nobody wants to pay. There are several ways to go about it in the event that your car key is broken into two pieces. If you’ve got two pieces, look at the tips on the best way to repair the problem in this article.

Call The Dealership

No one would like to call the dealership. Better yet, nobody likes purchasing items from the dealer. Things can indeed cost a lot. But you can guarantee that you’ll receive precisely what you need. Contact the dealer and request the replacement key and describe the issue. They might require some information like your VIN.

You can rest assured that you’ll get a functional key. It could take a while. It would help if you tried to find alternatives for transportation while you wait.

Temporary transport could mean:

  • A bus
  • A taxi
  • An Uber
  • Family members or friends (make sure to give them gas money to cover the cost of the trip)

Super Glue It

One method to temporarily repair the broken car key is to glue it. It is essential to be cautious when you do this, however. You do not want the key to break off in the ignition or the door. If you are in a secure area, it is possible to leave the keys in the ignition and switch them off slowly until the replacement arrives.

Call A Locksmith

Locksmiths aren’t only for homes. Locksmiths can be contacted to unlock your car. You can contact a locksmith if you have lost keys or your key is broken in half. They will be there and give you a replacement key immediately. It is essential to ensure that they can program the chips in the latest automobiles.

Keys that do not have chips for the latest automobiles are useless. You will be able for your vehicle to be started once your scrap has been programmed. It can be expensive. It’s an easy alternative to obtain an exchange.

Temporary Fixes for a Broken Car Key Loop

A damaged car essential loop is a problem that can be difficult to resolve. Key loops are small metal or plastic parts attached to your car key, which allows you to connect them to keys or a keychain. When the critical loop fails or breaks, it may cause it to be difficult to carry your car keys effectively. Here we will look at a few solutions that will aid you in repairing a damaged key loop for your car until you can find an effective solution.

Using a Key Ring:

An accessory key ring is one of the most straightforward solutions for fixing a damaged automobile key loop. If the critical circle is broken but is functional, you can slip a new key ring through the opening and connect your car key to it. The key ring is a replacement loop that allows you to carry and utilize your keys. This method is ideal when the key loop is damaged only in a small area and still has room for the key ring.

Zip Ties or Twist Ties:

If the critical loop on your car is completely damaged and is no longer functioning, you can try using twist ties or zip ties to fix it temporarily. The pliable and robust tie clips can be inserted into the hole where the critical loop was supposed to be secured. Selecting a tie that is strong enough to support your key’s weight and will not effortlessly fall apart is essential. While this option might not be as visually appealing as the vital loop, it’s an effective way of keeping your keys easily accessible.

Duct Tape or Electrical Tape:

Electrical or duct tape is also a good choice as a temporary fix to the broken key loop of your car. Begin by cutting off a tiny piece of tape and then folding it over itself to form the shape of a circle. Attach your circle onto the key or through the holes in which the critical loop was supposed to be. Be sure the tape is secure to avoid it unraveling. Although this method might not be the best for long-term use, it is an instant solution once you are able to plan for a long-term solution.

Key Chain Attachment:

If the loop on your key is broken entirely and can’t be fixed or replaced quickly, consider the key chain attachment to fix the problem temporarily. Essential chain attachments typically come with hooks or clasps that can be set to the key and eliminate the requirement for an additional key loop. This allows you to carry your key on a keychain or attach it to a belt or bag loop until you have a permanent Key loop that can be replaced.

Seeking Professional Repair or Replacement:

While these solutions can help manage the problem of damaged keys for your car, it’s crucial to remember that they are only temporary solutions. You should seek an expert repair or replacement for the car key loop whenever you can. Contact your car’s manufacturer, a locksmith, or an expert in crucial cutting to inquire about an entirely new key loop or a replacement key. They’ll be able to offer you a long-lasting and long-lasting solution that is specifically tailored to your key for your car.

Repairing a Car Key Loop

A key loop for your car is a minor but crucial element of your car key. It lets you connect your keys to keys or a keychain, making it easy to carry around and use. But, with time, the critical loop could get damaged or even broken, making it difficult to use your car keys. We will look at various ways and ways to fix the car key loop that will allow you to regain the function of your crucial loop.

Assessing the Damage:

The first step in fixing the critical loop for a car is to evaluate the extent of the damage. Check the loop thoroughly for cracks, fractures, or missing pieces. Examine whether the circle could be repaired or must be replaced entirely. This assessment will help you decide on the proper repair technique to apply.

Repairing the damage using Epoxy or adhesive:

If the loop shows small cracks or breaks, it can be fixed with glue or Epoxy. It thoroughly cleaned the coil and surrounding area to remove any debris, dirt, and old glue. Use a tiny amount of adhesive or Epoxy on the damaged site, and then carefully align the damaged pieces. Please keep them in place until the bond is set. Follow the directions provided by the epoxy adhesive manufacturer to get the best outcomes. After the repair is completed, ensure that you allow enough period for the glue to cure before using the key.

Using Heat-Shrink Tubing:

If you are concerned about more severe damage to the loop, that is key, an alternative is to employ heat-shrink tubing. The tubing is a thermoplastic substance that expands when heated, creating a comfortable and durable layer. Begin by cutting a small chunk of heat-shrink tubing, slightly larger than the damaged portion in the critical loop. Place the tubing on that loop, completely covering the damaged area. Utilize a heat source like a heat gun or hairdryer to distribute heat evenly over the tubing. Once you apply the heat to the tubing will shrink into a tight circle over the pivot loop, resulting in an ideal and long-lasting repair.

Replacing the Key Loop:

When the lock is seriously damaged or cannot be repaired properly, it could be necessary for it to be replaced. Contact your car’s manufacturer or a locksmith professional to inquire about getting an alternative key loop. They will be able to provide the exact key loop designed specifically for your vehicle model. When you have a replacement key loop, you must carefully remove the previous key loop by removing its keychain. Place the new critical circle into the slot designated for the key and ensure it is securely connected. Ensure that the replacement essential loop functions correctly before using it.

Seeking Professional Assistance:

Repairing the car key loop can be a complicated procedure. If you need more confidence or are comfortably improving yourself, seek professional help. Locksmiths and key-cutting services have the knowledge and skills to tackle critical loop repair. They can evaluate the damage, decide on the best repair procedure, and complete the repairs or replacements required quickly and efficiently. Assistance from a professional ensures that the repair is completed to minimize the risk of causing further damage to your car’s key.

Alternative Solutions for Broken Car Key Loops

A damaged car key loop could be a complex issue to resolve since it could make the task of carrying around and using your car keys. Although repairing the critical loop, or even replacing it, is the most common option, other options help you deal with broken critical loops on your car. We will look at various alternatives that could provide temporary or imaginative solutions to the broken essential hitch on your car.

Key Ring Replacement:

If the loop that holds your car key is broken off completely, an easy alternative is to replace it with an actual key ring. Take the remaining pieces from the broken critical loop and then slide a key ring through the hole where the circle used to be. The essential ring functions as a loop substitute and allows you to connect your keys to keys or a keychain. Key rings are easily accessible and are available in different dimensions and designs, so it is easy to find one that matches your style.

Paracord Key Fob:

An innovative alternative to a typical key loop is to make the paracord keyfob. Paracord, a rigid and flexible cord used for different outdoor activities, could be tied or braided to create an e-keychain that is secure for your car keys. There are many tutorials on the web that can provide guidance on the steps of creating an item like a Paracord keychain. This option is an efficient replacement for the damaged key loop and provides an individual touch to the car key.

Split Key Rings:

Another option is using split key rings as a substitute for the key loop that is broken. Keyrings split are like traditional key rings, but they have a gap that permits the user to slip them on the key without needing loops. You simply open the split ring and place in your car keys, close it with a secure. Keyrings split are available in a variety of dimensions and are used to store keys, which makes them a viable alternative to an unusable key loop.

Carabiner Clips:

Carabiner clips are employed in climbing and outdoor activities. They can be an alternative solution to the broken loop of your car key. These strong metal clips feature an open gate with a spring that lets the user to secure their car keys straight into the clips. Carabiner clips come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as those with key rings built-in. They are a secure and easy way you can carry around and access your automobile keys without having to rely on the conventional key loop.

Seeking Professional Replacement:

While the other solutions listed above might provide temporary fixes to a damaged key loop for your car, It is crucial to keep in mind that they might not be as long-lasting and secure as professional repairs or replacement. If you want to have a lasting solution, it’s recommended to find a professional replacement for your key loop. Contact the manufacturer of your vehicle or a locksmith, an expert in key cutting, to inquire about the possibility of obtaining the new key loop made for your car key. A professional replacement is guaranteed to ensure the optimal function and safety of your car key.


How can you fix a key ring for your car?

Make a hole in the plastic loop that is broken in your lock. With pliers, cut the final nail to match the width of the key. Put one drop of super glue in each hole. Then, insert the nail that is finished into the hole, then close the damaged plastic loop.

Is it possible to fix a broken car key?

It is impossible to repair broken keys for your car. However, you could change the keys. It’s tempting to put to the keys or make the same DIY repair. However, it is best to avoid DIY repairs as they could cause more damage, particularly in the event that the key becomes stuck inside your locking mechanism or transmission.

Can key fobs be repaired?

The truth is that it’s true! Based on the issue, that is, they will usually be repaired by a car specialist like an auto Locksmith or mechanic at the dealership near you. Continue reading to learn about the most frequent reasons key fobs in cars fail and the best way to fix keys for cars can be fixed.


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