How To Send Car From Dubai To India?

How To Send Car From Dubai To India?

How To Send Car From Dubai To India?

The following paperwork will be required for importing a vehicle to India.

  • Invoice of the vehicle.
  • Insurance policy.
  • GATT Declaration.
  • Bank Draft.
  • Bill of Lading or Sea Waybill.
  • Import License.
  • Purchase Order/Letter of Credit.
  • Test report.

Can I import a used car from Dubai to India?

It is possible to import used cars from Dubai, but one must abide by specific guidelines such as manufacturing year. Any vehicle manufactured within three years cannot be imported into India – thus ruling out classic Mercedes imports as an option. Roadworthiness must also be prioritized; used cars should either be leased, registered, or loaned, and headlight illumination is crucial – with it, money would likely go well-spent.

Shipment Modes To Export A Car From UAE

Exporting a car from the UAE to any other country is an easy and practical process. Here we have listed the process and different ways of shipping cars from the UAE.  

Shipping By Water 

Shipping vehicles via cargo ship is an efficient and economical method of shipping vehicles abroad. Choose from an assortment of containers available onboard the ship, or rent your container so that you can store other personal belongings with the car itself.

Consolidation Container: When choosing this option, your car will be shipped with two or more other vehicles, making the cost-cutting more economical than dedicated container shipping. RO-RO Carriers: RO-RO carriers are dedicated ships filled with vehicles. However, your car must be in working condition first for it to ship on one.

Shipping By Air 

Airfreight shipping can be an expensive method of exporting cars from the UAE, typically recommended for high-end luxury and exotic models due to higher charges than other shipment modes. Airfreight offers two advantages when shipping a vehicle by air: faster delivery time and security for your car.

Shipping By Land 

You can choose a dedicated car truck to ship your vehicles. However, this facility is available in GCC countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. 

The Procedure Of Shipping Car From The UAE

The car shipping procedure starts by checking your car’s eligibility for shipment. Many countries like the UK have strict laws regarding carbon emissions that restrict vehicles from being exported. Moreover, vehicles purchased on loan or having a mortgage are permitted to be shipped once the loan is completely paid. The documents that are required in the UAE for shipment are as follows:

  • Original export certificate
  • Documents justifying the value of a vehicle
  • Passport/Visa of shipper
  • Passport/Visa of the consignee
  • Emirates ID
  • Original Vehicle registration certificate 
  • Mortgage release certificate
  • Vehicle insurance policy

Once you have all the documents, select the mode of shipment and choose a registered exporter. The exporter will schedule shipment as per availability.

Export Car From UAE To Different Nations 

Anywhere in the globe can import automobiles from the United Arab Emirates. However, ensure your car can be exported before starting the process. Every vehicle has different eligibility requirements depending on the country. We have included a few key facts concerning the top automobile export destinations from the United Arab Emirates. 

Export Car From UAE To India And Pakistan 

Shipping from India and Pakistan, which are close to the UAE, will take roughly 6 to 7 days. Along with other documents, the Indian government also requires the manufacturer’s invoice and an ocean bill of lading. Without import duty and taxes, the cost of shipping cars to Pakistan and India is approximately AED 5,100.  

Export Car From UAE To USA

Vehicle export documentation for the USA is identical to that for Europe. However, for automobiles to be eligible for importation, the US government has set additional standards. The price of shipping cars also varies from port to port. Shipping to the USA typically costs between AED 9,500 and AED 26,000 plus a 2.5% duty.  

Export Car From The UAE To The Uk 

Only vehicles under ten years old are permitted for export from the UK. Furthermore, every car must pass the IVA test to receive a driving permit. Along with other documentation, you also need a bill of landing and a certificate of origin. Depending on the vehicle model, shipping costs range from AED 7,000 to AED 8,000 plus 30% duty. 

Understanding the Legalities To Send a Car From Dubai To India?

International automobile shipping involves an intricate web of rules and regulations, and moving from Dubai to India can be no exception. Many people wish to bring their beloved vehicles with them when driving or returning home – understanding this process legally is critical! At Dubai to India Car Transport Services Ltd, we thoroughly explore all prerequisites and legal steps when shipping from Dubai.

Complying with the Import Regulations of India

India has stringent import regulations when it comes to automobiles. Only some cars qualify for importation; therefore, you must ensure it meets these criteria before proceeding with its importation. Right-hand drive cars must meet this criterion, while left-hand drive cars cannot even come from Dubai, where both types are permitted.

India’s Central Board of Excise and Customs requires all cars shipped into India from Dubai to be registered in their owner’s name for at least one year before being imported – this ensures only genuine registered vehicles enter India.

Understanding the Customs Duty

One of the critical legal aspects of shipping a car from Dubai to India is paying customs duties imposed upon imported vehicles, which may range anywhere between 60%-100% of their value depending on various factors such as their age, engine capacity, model number, etc.

Be ready to pay these duties; failing could incur severe penalties. A certified Chartered Accountant or customs broker can provide expert guidance regarding the amount due.

Documentation Process

Proper documentation is essential to ship your car from Dubai to India legally. The necessary documents generally include the following:

  1. Original Passport
  2. Car’s Original Registration Certificate from Dubai
  3. Insurance Policy
  4. Purchase Invoice of the Car
  5. Original Bill of Lading
  6. Resident Visa (proof that the person importing the car has lived in Dubai for at least two years).

Note: Always keep multiple copies of these documents and make sure the necessary legal entities sign them.

Selecting a Reliable Shipping Company

Once your paperwork, regulations, customs duties, and documentation is in order, the next step should be choosing a dependable shipping company specializing in international automobile shipping. A shipping company will handle the logistics of transporting your car safely across borders to India.

The Shipping Process To Send a Car From Dubai To India?

Are You Shipping from Dubai to India? If that is the case, this page can assist. Our experts will explain every step in moving your car across two nations – from a pre-shipment checklist to arrival procedures in India.

Pre-Shipment Checklist

Before you start the shipping process, preparing your car for the journey is crucial. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Cleaning the Vehicle: Ensure your car is thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. Customs officers may inspect the vehicle; any dirt or residue could lead to additional cleaning charges or quarantine.
  2. Remove Personal Belongings: According to international shipping regulations, personal belongings should not be in the car. Keeping them could result in extra charges, delays, or even confiscation of items.
  3. Inspection and Documentation: A detailed vehicle inspection is necessary to identify any existing damage before shipping. This should ideally be documented with pictures for reference in case of any disputes.

Choosing a Shipping Method

Are You Shipping from Dubai to India? This page can help. Our experts will outline every step in moving your car across two nations – from a pre-shipment checklist to arrival procedures in India.

Customs Clearance and Documentation

Customs regulations and documentation play an essential part in international vehicle shipping. In Dubai, customs require you to present documents such as your passport, vehicle registration, purchase invoice, and export license. In contrast, India requires similar documentation with payment of applicable duties and taxes.

Arrival and Delivery in India

On arrival to India, your car must undergo customs clearance – you may require the services of a customs broker for this process – and once cleared can either be collected directly by you or delivered directly to its final destination.

The Post-Shipping Phase

With globalization comes increasing demands for international vehicle transport, one popular route from Dubai to India. Once your car has been shipped successfully, managing its post-shipping stage effectively is paramount for ensuring it reaches you undamaged – we provide an in-depth guide for managing this phase when transporting from Dubai to India.

Understanding the Post-Shipping Phase

Once your car leaves Dubai’s shores, its journey to India begins. The post-shipping phase starts when the ship sails until you can use your vehicle on Indian roads; this includes tracking shipment movements, customs clearance procedures, vehicle registration in India, and organizing local transport arrangements.

Track Your Shipment

Modern technology now allows tracking your car shipment in real-time. Shipping companies provide tracking services that give updates about the ship’s location and anticipated arrival time, giving you peace of mind while planning future steps for its arrival. Being informed about whereabouts is reassuring but helps prepare the next steps more accurately.

Customs Clearance

As soon as your vehicle reaches India, it must pass through customs. Familiarizing yourself with Indian Customs regulations is essential to avoid any surprises upon arriving; customs duties in India tend to be high for vehicles due to age, model, and engine capacity calculations. Be prepared with all documentation, such as original purchase invoices, shipping documents, and insurance papers, to present at the appropriate customs clearance office in India.

Vehicle Registration

After your car clears customs, the next step should be registering it with your city’s Regional Transport Office (RTO). This office maintains an online database that contains drivers and vehicles for various states and union territories in India, so to register it, you will need to present specific paperwork such as a customs clearance certificate, invoice, proof of address document, and insurance documents – once verified the RTO will issue you with an official registration number. You’ll be ready to hit Indian roads!


How much is a car shipping from Dubai to India?

Any additional items placed in the car trunk or anywhere inside the car will be considered unaccounted for and can result in problems with customs officials in India. On average, you can expect to pay around Dh6,000 to Dh7000 for one-way door-to-door vehicle transport in a 20-ft.

Can I send a car from Dubai to Pakistan?

Baggage Scheme: A person residing abroad for a minimum of 180 days immediately preceding seven months can import a vehicle into Pakistan under this scheme. Duty and taxes are fixed in US $ for Asian make vehicles regarding engine capacity, which may be confirmed before availing of any of the above methods.

Can I get a car shipped from Dubai?

Shipping a Car from Dubai to the USA starts at USD 2,750 with an estimated turnaround time of 20-35 days, depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the nearest departure port in Dubai, and whether the destination is in the USA is on the east or west coast.



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