Who Drove the M&M Car in 1998?

Who Drove the M&M Car in 1998?

Who Drove the M&M Car in 1998?

Kyle Busch is a NASCAR driver, sponsored by M&M’s, and an M&M’s character who appears as himself. Busch, 20 years old at the time, debuted in the then NASCAR Nextel Cup Series for Hendrick Motorsports in 2005 and moved to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2008, bringing M&M’s along with him from Robert Yates Racing.

Ernie Irvan and the M&M’s Car in 1998

In NASCAR racing, partnerships between sponsors and drivers have become an integral part of the race. These partnerships usually result in making iconic vehicles that leave a lasting impression on spectators and fans. One of these memorable collaborations occurred in 1998 when M&M’s vehicle debuted during the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. This article focuses on the driver of the car owned by M&M in 1998 and their impact on the sport.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence

Ernie Irvan, born on January 13, 1959, in Salinas, California, began his NASCAR career at the beginning of the 1980s. It was only a short time before he established himself as an accomplished and competitive racer, securing numerous awards and victories during his time. The rise of Irvan to fame came in the latter half of the 1980s when he won his first Winston Cup in 1987 at Bristol Motor Speedway. The win marked the start of a long and successful career that would eventually see him rise to become one of the most admired drivers.

The M&M’s Racing Team

In 1998 in 1998, The M&M’s Racing Team entered the NASCAR Winston Cup Series to make an impression in the world of racing. The team joined forces with Ernie Irvan, who recognized his expertise and knowledge as the perfect match for their new venture. Irvan’s reputation as a skilled driver with a solid track record was the ideal choice for team’s Racing Team. Together, they began the season which would leave an irresistible impression on NASCAR and the history of NASCAR.

Driving the M&M’s Car

As the main driver of the M&M’s vehicle, Ernie Irvan brought this lively vehicle to life at the track. The M&M car was decorated with an eye-catching paint scheme displaying iconic colors and logo. Irvan’s skilled maneuvers behind the wheel and the car’s stunning design created an unforgettable spectacle for spectators and fans. The collaboration with Irvan as well as the M&M’s Race Team added unmatched energy to this NASCAR circuit.

Memorable Moments

During the season of 1998, Ernie Irvan’s stint in the M&M’s car was characterized by numerous unforgettable moments. One of them was his win at the Save Mart/Kragen 350 held at Sears Point Raceway in June. The win also bolstered the reputation of Irvan as a top driver and also highlighted the potential of M&M’s vehicle on the racetrack. All through the race season, Irvan always produced impressive performances, generating an atmosphere about the M&M’s Racing Team.

Impact and Legacy

Ernie Irvan’s time as the racer of M&M’s automobile in 1998 made an impression that will be remembered by NASCAR as well as the fans of the sport. The partnership between Irvan and M&M’s Racing Team brought together two famous brands, increasing the recognition and visibility of both sides. The flamboyant M&M’s vehicle became the most popular among fans and stood out from the cars on the racetrack. In addition, Irvan’s talent and performance behind the wheel firmly established his status as a NASCAR legend.

Ken Schrader: Behind the Wheel of the M&M Car

Ken Schrader is a renowned American stock car racing driver who has made an impact on the sport in his time in the sport. Famous for his versatility and charismatic personality, Schrader has been a driver for a variety of teams and sponsors over the course of his career.

One of his most memorable associations has been with his M&M automobile, which was a well-known and adored fixture throughout the NASCAR circuit. In this piece, we’ll explore the time that Schrader spent in the cockpit of the legendary M&M car and highlight his impact on the racing scene.

The Beginnings

Ken Schrader’s involvement in his M&M vehicle began back in the year 1999 when Ken Schrader was a part of his first MB2 Motorsports team. At the time, M&M’s, the famous candy brand, opted to join the realm of NASCAR sponsorship. The bright colors and well-known M&M characters graced Schrader’s No. 36 Pontiac Grand Prix, creating an instant fan-favorite. This partnership was a brand new era for Schrader and M&M’s as they set out to make an indelible mark on the racing world.

On-Track Success

Schrader’s abilities behind the steering wheel of his M&M car quickly became apparent in his consistently impressive performance at the racetrack. With his knowledge and actual talent, Schrader tapped into the potential of the car, earning many top-ten finishes and earning respect from competitors. Schrader’s skill in navigating the speedy and fierce racing of NASCAR’s most prestigious series while promoting the M&M brand with a positive image was a key factor in the team’s achievement.

Off-Track Popularity

In addition to his successes at the helm, Ken’s collaboration with M&M’s was instrumental in bringing his profile to new levels. The unique M&M car was a well-known symbol among fans, and the likable personality of Schrader also drew him closer to fans of the NASCAR community. With appearances at fan gatherings in addition to media appearances, he created an unwavering connection with fans of all ages, cementing his status as a favorite among fans of the race.

The Impact of Sponsorship

It is believed that the M&M automobile’s appearance on the NASCAR circuit played a significant contribution to expanding the popularity and reach of the candy’s name. The exposure gained through Schrader’s track performances as well as the car’s striking design, helped M&M’s to be seen by more people.

The partnership of the brand with NASCAR not only brought brand awareness but also emphasized M&M’s commitment to supporting exciting and athletic sports. The collaboration together with Schrader as well as MB2 Motorsports provided a successful platform for M&M’s with fans of racing and sweet tooth lovers too.

Legacy and Fond Memories

Ken Schrader’s time at the steering wheel of the M&M car has left a long-lasting legacy that will be remembered by NASCAR fans. The alliance with Schrader with M&M’s more than only a sponsorship agreement, but a symbol of the same values and dedication to excellence. The M&M car was an instant image instantly recognizable through its vivid colors and playful branding.

Even after Schrader’s tenure with the team was over, The memories of his race on the M&M car resound with the fans and remind them of the exciting moments and happiness that the team brought to the sport.


Who drove the M&Ms car?

M&M’s sponsors Kyle Busch, a NASCAR racer who also doubles as the company’s mascot Kyle Busch. Busch, who was 20 years old at the time, made his NASCAR Nextel Cup Series debut for Hendrick Motorsports in 2005. In 2008, he switched teams and joined Joe Gibbs Racing, bringing M&M’s from Robert Yates Racing.

Who drove the M&M car in 1999?

On February 8, 1999, at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida, for the NASCAR Daytona 500 Speedweek – Winston Cup Series, driver Ernie Irvan of the No. 36 M&M’S Pontiac posed for a studio photograph.

Did Ernie Irvan drive the M&M car?

In 1999, Irvan kept operating the No. 36 for MB2, but with a new sponsor. Skittles’ parent company, M&M Mars, made the decision to decorate the car with the well-known M&Ms characters. Irvan crashed in Michigan on August 20, exactly five years after his near-fatal accident there, while operating his personal No.

Who drove the 38 M&M car in 2001?

This was Wood Brothers’ first victory in eight years; Sadler had won his first Cup race at Bristol in 2001. He finished 20th in points after another Top 10 performance. Sadler left for Robert Yates Racing to drive the No. 38 M&M’s Ford in place of Ricky Rudd after seven Top 10 finishes and a drop in points to 23rd in 2002.

Who drove the M&M car in 2010?

Kenny Busch
Welcome to the Cars of Dreams Museum! Past Collection – NASCAR Racecar – Kyle Busch 2010 #18 M&M’s Toyota Camry.


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